The management of Ecobuild has setup a team structure with the aim of realising its vision of becoming a national leader in the construction industry and to achieve its mission through professional excellence and innovation.

The firm has an in-house team that is highly experienced within the construction industry with skills set across design (architectural, engineering etc), procurement, construction management and contracting services. The company has partnered a team of competent specialist consultants, professionals and contractors with the consortium geared up to undertake complex development projects and specialized services installations for prospective clients. We pride ourselves on drawing on the expertise of a diverse mix of professionals; we believe that this diversity adds richness to our business and greater creativity in the solutions that we deliver to our clients. This combination of complementary skills and professional backgrounds enhances our delivery capabilities as well as allows us to leverage the experience and expertise:

“We are United by Our Differences and Our Combination Benefits Our Clients”

Together, we provide objectivity and independence.

Together, we provide seasoned analysis and expertise.

Together, we provide enhanced breadth and depth.


Whilst, Ecobuild Solutions Limited is a relatively young company, members of the team have notable accomplishments in the delivery of large scale and complex construction and design projects.  The team’s expertise extends to all aspects of commercial, residential, and institutional projects for both private and the public sector clients. Ecobuild is committed to deliver the highest quality of services. Our partners are well known and highly respected within in the various industry sectors.

We are a collection of like-minded, enthusiastic team of professionals / associates brought together to deliver a practical, flexible and cost effective building solutions.